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General Covid-19 Safety Policies:

Elmhirst’s Resort is committed to the health & safety of our team. We are complying with all Peterborough Public Health, Public Health Ontario and Public Health Agency of Canada recommendations.

Each department has established their own best practices and revised standard operating procedures.

The following general safety principles are in place for all employees:

  • Each team member will be provided with 4 washable face masks—these are to be considered a part of the uniform.
  • Disposable gloves are available to all staff members.
  • Alcohol hand sanitizer at all work sites. Frequent thorough hand washing with hot soapy water, avoiding touching of the face, and covering sneezes/coughs with arm or sleeve is the beast health protection.
  • Quato44 (an industrial grade disinfectant) will be available at all work sites.
  • Increased cleaning from the housekeeping department for all high touch surfaces in public areas
  • Daily temperature checks prior to punching in—employees with a temperature above 38 ˚C will be asked to go home.
  • Training in department specific health and safety revisions for all staff.

All team members are expected to:

  • Put their specific department’s policies into practice and be committed to Elmhirst’s health & safety’s goals for the protection of fellow team members and guests.
  • Be responsible for their own safety as well as the safety of their colleagues (safety is everyone’s job!).
  • Work in a safe and healthy manner maintaining their workplace in a clean and orderly state.
  • Identify, report and help rectify any health and safety dangers and reduce related risks.
  • Immediately report any incidents or accidents or if you become sick or have been exposed to COVID-19.
  • Employees will use the front entrance of the main building at all times. Pools, Spa and Health Club remain closed.
  • Follow assignments of vehicle use for outside team members; follow staff restrictions for outbuilding access.

Rooms Division-Housekeeping- Covid-19 Procedures


  1. Cottages will be cleaned individually by “clean teams” of 2, which will always work together.
  2. All housekeepers must wear a face mask when cleaning. In addition, disposable gloves should be worn while cleaning all high touch areas including but not limited to: Bathrooms, door knobs, light switches and soiled linens.
  3. Prior to the housekeeper’s arrival, the cottage will have been disinfected with the electrostatic sprayer.
  4. Upon entering cottage bathroom and kitchen fixtures and surfaces should be sprayed down with cleaner—let cleaner sit for a minimum, of 5 minutes.

Stripping Beds

  1. Gloves MUST be worn when handling soiled linens.
  2. Changing linens: Housekeeping follow a strict procedure to change linens.
  3. Duvet cover(s) must be sprayed with pump sprayer prior to re-making beds
  4. Towels are to be kept in a separate laundry bag from the sheets.
  5. Floors should be vacuumed as opposed to swept, and all countertops/ shelves will be wiped down.


  1. Any dirty dishes will be cycled through the dishwasher—hand-washing dishes will not be permitted until further notice.
  2. To reduce the risk of contamination we will be limiting the number of tea sugar and sweetener left in each cottage (2 tea bags, 6 sugars, 6 sweeteners).
  3. Any unused packets must be disposed of rather than reused.
  4. Appliance handles and surfaces are disinfected using Quato 44.
  5. Cleaning rags are not to be reused.


  1. Once standard bathroom cleaning has been completed, the toilet, sink, tub and shower will all be sprayed with Quato 44.
  2. The blow dryer, Kleenex boxes, and packaged toilet paper rolls will be wiped down with Quato 44.
  3. Hand Towel/ Bathmats are only be set out once all surfaces have been sprayed with Quato 44.
  4. Cleaning rags are not reused.

Living Room:

  1. The living room is considered a “communal space” within the cottage—as such all surfaces and touch points will be disinfected.
  2. Floors will be vacuumed instead of swept.
  3. All paper products have been removed from the cottages, including resort promotional material.

Front Office Division- Front Office: Covid-19 Procedures

In order to provide our staff the safest working environment, below are the list of updated procedures for Elmhirst’s Resort.

General Overview:

  1. Front and Back office staff will be the only people in the work space
  2. Facemasks are to be worn any time employees cannot maintain 6 feet of separation.
  3. Diligent hand washing and semi-hourly cleaning of all high touch surfaces will be required.
  4. Work station must be cleaned once every 2 hours, and prior to any shift/staffing changes.
  5. Staff will be required to have their temperatures checked daily prior to punching in. Staff members with a temperature above 37.5 should be sent home immediately and their manager advised.
  6. Work stations must be fully disinfected prior to employee departure when working the closing shift—leaving a sanitized working space for the morning shift. 

Guest Relations:

  1. The main building is currently closed—we will be processing payments over the phone, by email, or by e-transfer.
  2. The guest laundry will now be available by appointment only and can be scheduled by calling the front desk. In the event change is required, a charge will be posted to the guests account, and the change will be bagged and left in the guest laundry for the guest.
  3. Waterfront recreation equipment will be available by appointment only, and equipment will be sanitized between each user. Appointments available between 9:30 and 5:00 daily and can be booked by calling the front desk.
  4. We will be doing take-out food orders for both in house and local guests—a revised menu has been developed and a copy is available on our website. All orders are placed through the front desk (by phone or email).
  5. Any guests who needs to enter the main building will be required to wear a mask—if they do not have one, the resort will provide them with one from the front desk.
  6. Life jackets will be delivered to guests’ cottages prior to their arrival. 1 life jacket per guest will be issued.
  7. Any maintenance calls that require immediate attention from our team (a team member has to enter an occupied cottage) the date, cottage number and guests name as well as the reason for entry must all be recorded on the maintenance tracking spread sheet located on the front desk computer.

Food and Beverage Division- Covid-19 Procedures

To create the safest environment possible for our guests and team members, we will adhere to the following standard operating procedures in the kitchen at Elmhirst’s Resort:

General Kitchen Operating Principals:

  1. Kitchen team members will be the only resort team members active in the kitchen.
  2. Handwashing will be done at the start of the shift and scheduled every 30 minutes during the shift using a timer. Additional hand washing should be practiced as required depending on tasks performed on the job, lavatory breaks, meals or cigarette breaks.
  3. The kitchen will be staffed in teams of one at a time, or as business increases, two cooks at a time. The same cooks will work with each other as a team and work separately from other teams to prevent transfer. Eventually, when business increases and lunch/breakfast are added, there will be a gap between the end of the morning shift and the start of the afternoon shift. Each shift will follow all opening and closing protocols.
  4. All takeout/delivery orders will be done with disposable containers and cutlery. Condiments will be single-use packets.
  5. Cottage delivery orders will go from kitchen to cottage in under 5 minutes. The order will be placed in a new cardboard tray and go directly to the cottage with a hands-free transfer. Front desk should phone the cottage and inform them their order is arriving.

Waterfront and Maintenance Departments- Covid-19 Procedures

General Health and Safety Guidelines:

  1. Maintain personal physical distancing at all times.
  2. Staff must always practice diligent hand hygiene.
  3. A store of facemasks, rubber gloves and hand sanitizer will be available in the gas house.
  4. Hand sanitizer will be available in maintenance vehicles.
  5. Use face mask and gloves in all guest service situations (but definitely visit and spread joy from a distance!)

Life Jackets:

  1. Guests will have life jackets waiting in their cottages prior to arrival and must have them when engaging in activities at the waterfront.
  2. Do not provide life jackets at the waterfront. Life Jackets returned to waterfront must be disinfected using pump sprayer and left to air dry for a minimum of 24 hours.


  1. Activities will be done by appointment only at scheduled times.
  2. Teams from the same cottage will pair up for towing of tubing (for example parents and siblings, siblings with siblings).
  3. Sanitize boat with pump sprayer prior to session.
  4. Moor tube to dock and sanitize prior to opening of session.
  5. Wear mask and gloves on ski dock and in boat, maintain physical distance from guests at all times.
  6. Sanitize ski dock gate, railings, stairs and tube with pump sprayer after each appointment (an appointment can have multiple trips if the guests are all from the same cottage).

Equipment use (canoes, kayaks, SUP’s, and rental boats):

  1. Sanitize all equipment with a pump sprayer at the beginning of each shift.
  2. Guests must reserve equipment in advance and the front office will provide information about which equipment is going to which guest at what time.
  3. Ensure equipment is at the water’s edge with paddles ready to launch before the guest arrives.
  4. Use a mask and gloves and maintain physical distance when greeting guest, performing dockside checklists, and boat inspections, and when sanitizing equipment after guest use.
  5. Sanitize equipment with pump sprayer when guest returns.

Performing Maintenance Duties In and Around Cottages:

  1. Maintenance staff will be assigned a single vehicle. Lysol wipes and a pump sprayer will be provided at the shop to disinfect shared use vehicles, tractors and equipment.
  2. Use gloves and mask when gathering garbage. Do not sort garbage by hand but remove bags and dump recyclables in bin. Bottles for deposit do not need to be processed. If hand sorting is required notify front desk so they can ask the guest to do it.
  3. If required to perform maintenance duties in an occupied cottage (these will be limited to emergencies only) gloves, N95 mask (or equivalent) and face shield must be obtained from the shop and put on prior to entering cottage. Maintain physical distance in cottage while performing maintenance tasks. Use hand sanitizer in vehicle, avoid touching your face and wash hands thoroughly upon return to the shop.

Please note: if the repair demands contact with surfaces you deem hazardous please notify the front office so alternative action or mitigation can be used to protect staff health and safety. Always err on the side of caution.


  1. Maintenance staff will be assigned each day to do a detailed inspection of cottages being cleaned including but not limited to proper functioning of all appliances, windows and doors, domestic hot water, furnace, television, stereo, BBQ, bed frames, and structural stability of deck, railings and docks. These checks must be completed PRIOR to the final electro-static fogging of the cottages. Once fogging has been completed no one except the guest should enter the cottage.
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