Catch ‘Em All, at Elmhirst’s Resort

There’s a new game in town, and its popularity is growing every day. If you’re like me, you didn’t know anything about Pokémon Go until a few days ago, but now the game is officially available at the App store in Canada, and it seems as though Pokémons are everywhere – Even Elmhirst’s Resort.

How it works: Pokémon Go is a free to play game from Niantic that uses location based data and augmented reality and is played with your iOS or Android device. The object of the game is to capture, train and battle the little animated characters called Pokémon.
Players create game characters (avatars) and begin to explore the game maps. In order to move around in the game maps, the game uses the mobile device’s GPS to follow the player as they move around in the real world. Poké Stops and Gyms are marked on the map, and are locations where you can stop and interact with or battle your Pokémon against other players. But perhaps more importantly, the object is to catch all the Pokémon with a pokéball!

So get out there, and Catch’Em All!

We’ve even had some sightings around the resort this week!
Hanging out near Marybelle’s chair on the waterfront.


This little monster was in the kitchen – it’s a good thing we caught him.


As you explore our grounds, with over 200 acres, you never know what you might find!



It looks like a fun game and it is certainly getting people out and exploring the real world (which is always a good thing!). If you’re out chasing Pokémon, don’t forget to always be aware of your surroundings – Safety first!

Be safe, have fun, and send us a message when you find a Pokémon at Elmhirst’s Resort!