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Elmhirst’s Resort is an all season, cottage resort and conference facility. It offers a spa, excellent dining and a host of activities for the whole family. Our collection of cottages is nestled on the pretty shore of Rice Lake. It is managed by a fifth generation of Elmhirst family and continues to offer the very best of the Kawarthas — much of it grown here, raised here or sourced from our very own 240-acre property.

This property is the cornerstone of the Elmhirst’s Resort experience, and we’re committed to preserving it. Toward that end, we pride ourselves on environmental sustainability. In every aspect of our operation, we strive to use resources respectfully, and are always looking for new ways to ensure the land’s continued majesty.

Rice Lake has a long history itself. Wild rice was once abundant (harvested by local Indigenous tribes). Today the wild rice still grows on the Indian River, near Keene, but blackbirds feed on the grain before it can be harvested. After construction of the Trent Severn Waterway canal system in 1915, travel from Rice Lake to Georgian Bay was best accomplished by steamship. The steady stream of pleasure craft plying the system continues today.

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