Elmhirst Vintage Photo Circa 1940s

Elmhirst Vintage Postcard
Elmhirst Cottages On Rice Lake Keene, ON

A glimpse of the rustic cottages of the fishing camp we once were, lining the north shore of Rice Lake, Ontario. Recently, this vintage postcard circa 1940s surfaced prompting us to want to know more about the structures & landscape pictured.

The cottage on the far left was referred to as “Harry’s cabin”. Perspectively, it is situated where the outdoor pool is located today. It was later relocated to become Cottage 11. Interestingly, part of old Harry’s Cabin was moved a mere hop, skip & jump up the road by local dairy farmer & neighbour, Roy Stillman; to be used as a chicken coop & is still standing. The old cottage was taken down to build the current Cottage 11 in 1967, fittingly as a centennial project.

Second from left is Cottage 6. Both Gregory & Stephen Elmhirst were born here. Eventually it was torn down in 1985 to make way for progress, the construction of the main building as one sees it when visiting today.

Third from left is Cottage 7. Peter Elmhirst occupied it the first winter he was married in 1965/66. It was later moved to accommodate the construction of the main building and would become what is now Cottage 32, the “Honeymoon Cottage”.

Fourth from the left is Cottage 8, built by Arthur Elmhirst for his parents in approximately 1940. They lived there until 1951 when it then joined the cottage rental inventory. Today, it is one of two accessible cottages on the Resort & is located adjacent to the main building on the east side.

The last building on the right is cottage 9. When It was initially built in the 1940s, it was rented year round to a family who became life long friends to Art & Marybelle Elmhirst.

Leaving our readers today on a memorable note, last but not least, situated on the left between the first & second building with the roof slightly visible is an outhouse, a ‘two-holer’ with doors! Thankfully, progress has given us some improvements of comfort along the way…

We hope you have enjoyed today’s Elmhirst’s Resort #ThrowbackThursday reflection for April 20, 2017.
Photo- Author of original photograph unknown. Available publicly on Pinterest http://pin.it/Z1ApgVU

Thank your Peter Elmhirst for sharing your recollections as
chronicled here. Story written by Caroline Elmhirst.